Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NON FICTION: Got Anything Today, fatty? AND DREAMS

Well, Mr. Taylor, do you?

To be quite honest, I may, but I seem to have lost my focus at the moment, so i can relay the stuff i was supposed to write down in detail over the weekend.

The dream bits i remember were:

Two with Michael: I met up with him again, i went home with him on the subway, after work. I mentioned my mp3, and said something about the area being dangerous, then he said that because of this, he used something else instead of an mp3, it was a pen device with which he wrote backwards on his hand and the music/text was then input into him (into his ears)

The other one with him was, again, we met up after a long time, he showed me where he was living/working. I was familiar with the map but had neglected an island area or area surrounded by water hidden in the corner of the map. Subsequently, i discovered some scandalous info about the employees of his company, i received faxes, and people from his company came to get the information back.

the other part was a family event with another side of the family that me and steve werent part of. Dad was eating really nice looking indian food, which should have been off limits, but since his death was imminent....
Me and steve were sitting on a bench at the edge of the deck. some pot pies were being served and i went to get one for steve, but a guy from the other side of the family said the pot pies were only for his side of the family, and i said "yeah, stoners make such good managers." and we laughed and my brother and i made jokes about the guy because he was a stoner.