Friday, July 6, 2007

FICTION仓颉的乱博克 part 2

我买不到机票,所以我们就腾云驾雾. That 句话 is 什么意思?因为我那么久以前a long time ago了发明the 字, 所以, I 因此忘了许多的普通话的idioms. 我只会知道:如果我遇到四个字,而那四个字中, 有两个不认识的, 就是个成语。 当我发明字的时我没有发现五千后,会有so many 让我糊涂的成语. 其实,中国小孩儿, 都知道很多的, 所以我没面孔when i email my step-children.

anyways, 我和黄帝到了我江苏rolex工厂, 我们惊讶的看工厂里, 一个人也没! where did 他们去?

我们一点儿也不理解. 但是我们见到了一个奇怪的东西, 在工厂的地板, 有很多血液和transformers 玩具!

我们 were all like 这是什么来的呀!!!
在墙壁上, 看了话写的:嘿小妹子, 你胸部咋会那么大? 我在大连路, 方便方便着, 就看了你那么Fashion的衣服, 也看到了你那么性感的身材, 让我记不清我太太的名字. 你喝两瓶屋里箱, 就会喜欢我.
上海没有陌生人, 所以你上下车不要那么客气!

more later.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

NONFICTION building up the froth of appreciation.

I was just listening to a lecture on Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 几号? i forgot which number. The lecturer described the author's 'insertion of himself into the text' as putting himself into the 'very warp and weave of the story' something like that.

It reminded me of an idea I had a couple years ago, that is, the way in which people take the object of their affection, such as music, movies, or literature, and talk them around in the head so much that a top layer of froth is churned up, which is then regarded as insight, instead of foam.

In fact this ever novel insertion of the author into his own text is nothing more than a step in a progressive series of experimenting and tricks with the novel. Structural novelties that allow the novelist to feel as if he is doing something new.

Further, i completely empathize with Vonneguts portrayal of himself in that novel.

Its just, how do you differentiate between your capacity to manipulate words for the enchantment and entertainment of yourself, and your capacity to whip yourself up in a froth of ecstasy for the beauty and deep down deep meaning of your own words?

That is, how does the bullshiter not busllshit himself about how great his own bullshit is?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

FICTION 仓颉的乱博克 1

大家好。 我是那个发明汉字的guy. The 原因why I am 博克ing 现在 is that I'm 太懒to do my 应该做的任务! 我需要把那个黄山article 写完,but, 你看, I'm even too lazy to 查看我写的字是对部对。 比如说, 刚刚 I 忘了 which 玩is for fun and which is for finished.

但是, my 故事我要给你听是a long time ago. 在我跟黄帝住在seattle 的时, 我发现一个知识分子的生活没有咖啡和雨, 就不会有想象和诚实的冥想. So, I didn't want to leave. But, you know how 帝's get! They always 认为 "Im a 帝! Of course people will obey me!" But, I 一直跟他说.  嘿!我本人是写你的历史!所以只有我会彻底了解你! 你的后代怎会知道你的肠胃那么爱生产又臭又怪的化学武器!!! 有几次那个洋鬼子FBI 来看看我们是不是恐怖分子, 是因为我们另据经常闻到你的屁股吹吹得香味儿!

Anyways, my point is that I didnt want to leave Seattle. I invented all the 字, so I think I've fulfilled my obligation to humanity.

But, In all fareness to the 帝, his reason for going back to Communist China was a good one. His fake Rolex factory was under threat of being closed. This was at the time when knockoff rolex's were very rare, so it was a big financial gain that was at stake!

More later.