Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Interview with Josh Butler, Executive Director of Housing Long Beach

How long have you lived in Long Beach?

-2 years.  Before moving to Long Beach, I moved around from East LA to El Monte, and Whittier.  I am originally from Norwalk.   

How long have you been involved with HLB?

-Five months.

Who is your role model?

-Lucy Parsons, the anarchist labor organizer. 

What’s one thing you would like to see changed in Long Beach?
-I would like the working class of this city to stop Mayor Garcia's gentrification project. 

How have you grown through your involvement with Housing Long Beach?

-I have seen the wisdom and power of my neighbors to decide issues in our communities without self appointed leaders and authorities calling the shots. 

What skill has been most useful for you to learn?

-Connecting with my neighbors about housing isses. 

What work do you do for HLB?

-Outreach, meetings, and being member of the year!

What has been your favorite memory with HLB?

-The prep meeting for our code enforcement meeting where Jorge and I pretended to be Kurt Keating and Angela Reynolds.  It was fun!
When did your passion for social justice come alive?
-Growing up and seeing my friends and family insulted and disrespected by the ruling class. 

How have you seen your work have an impact on the city of Long Beach?

-Everywhere I go, I see people understanding both that the Mayor and his social class don't care about us and that we, the people, can advocate and organize for ourselves!

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